It started out at 8 towers in 10 days... then it became 4 towers in 8 days 

When I first met Kate, she was in her standard post climbing attire. 

Sundress, spandex shorts, Birkenstocks. We were hanging out at a dirtbag potluck, which is basically just a bunch of climbers hanging out in a parking lot and sharing food together. I was instantly drawn to her bubbly attitude and her impressive list of badass climbs she had been ticking off in Squamish. Kate wasn't afraid to go for it.

She was leading up into the 11's and the 12's. Her hands were covered in sticky tape residue and her arms and legs were covered in bruises. The sound of her laugh and her easy going attitude doesn't lead you to believe that she's tough, but she has been climbing all over the world and has that inner grit that all ambitious climbers have. 

She invited me to go climbing the next day with a few friends, it was her 26th birthday and she wanted to climb Star Wars a classic 5.8. 

"Yeah and we're actually planning on doing it naked." She smiled at me over her beer bottle and laughed at my face. 

"You in?" 

Hell yeah I was in. 

Thus a partnership was formed. 

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