Replacing the Lower intercooler hose

The intercooler hose has two parts to it! Years ago I replaced the upper part, and now I’ve replaced the lower part. It’s fun teaching yourself new things.

Materials Used

Install Instructions

Step 1: Remove the grate.

This is a surprisingly difficult step. You’ll need an allen key, star key, flat head screw driver, socket set and a pair of pliers to get the grate off.

Lower intercooler hose replacement
One Chick Travels Lower intercooler hose replacement

Step 2: Remove headlight.

This step is much easier than the previous. The headlight has a few screws to loosen, and then one large plug to remove. Set the headlight aside.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.28.32 PM.png
One Chick Travels remove headlight

Step 3: Remove upper front grate. Three or four more bolts and screws to remove here.

One Chick Travels Lower Intercooler Hose Replacement

Step 4: Locate and remove the lower intercooler hose.

One Chick Travels Lower Intercooler Hose

Step 5: Remove the computer parts from the lower intercooler hose. Be very careful with them! The parts inside are sensitive.

One Chick Travels Lower intercooler hose
One Chick Travels lower intercooler hose

Step 6: Put everything back!

Do everything you just did in reverse and tada! You’re done.