Often the first and only question on anyones mind is, “Is it safe?”

The truth is, solo female travel is the schrodingers cat of safety.

You both are, and are not safe the entire time you are traveling, and you only know which one it ends up being at the end of your trip. The risk being, you’ll either be totally fine, or you’ll be dead.

I get this question a lot, mostly from moms and dads who see me as what their daughter could be. Would they be ok with their daughter living in a van, alone? Would they be ok with their daughter parking for the night on the side of a highway at 3am after 19 hours of driving?

Probably not.

The trick is that most of the time, I feel totally safe and comfortable on the road.

But thats the thing, in my opinion solo female travel is low risk, but high consequence.

The chance of something happening to you is relatively small, but if something does happen chances are it has the potential to be pretty awful.

For this video I mostly ranted into a camera for 20 minutes, I didn’t cover everything I wanted to, and I’m sure I missed some key parts. If you learn nothing else from this video, I hope you walk away with a sense that it IS possible to travel safely on your own and doing so in a van is a great start.

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