Welp! The title of the post says it all, we're closing in on Santiago! Today I think marks the 70 mile marker, I can't believe we're so close! Our last few weeks have been full of cafe con leche...

Lots of wine, and beer, too many majestic churches, and lots of new friends.

I've been constantly reminded of how awesome my friends are and how lucky I am to live the life that I live.

I think traveling is my way of reminding myself to be grateful for life. I never appreciate my family more than when they are half a world away and I have a fever of 102, I never love my hot shower more than when I am shivering in a cold tile bathroom as the luke warm water begins to turn icy, I appreciate my local farmers market so much when all I can afford is chips and candy bars from a gas station. But even though some times being sweaty and stinky and tired and sore can get to me, I still feel gratitude for the adventure I'm on. Gratitude for all the sunrises I've seen since I've been here, love for the magical days playing in the snow, appreciation for a glass of wine huddled by the only heater in the Albergue while playing cards and laughing with strangers. The adventure never ends, but sometimes I forget it's an adventure at all, and I need to be reminded by leaving my comfort zone. That's why I'm on the camino, that is why I walk.