Last year I came up with a ‘Best gifts for Vanlifers under $50’ blog post.

It did pretty well, but I looked at it again this year and I have a lot more useful things to add to that list, so here is my Christmas gifts for Vanlifers 2018! Enjoy and make a vanlifer in your world happy this holiday season.

If you just want to buy them a nifty gadget

If you want to do something nice for them

I think a lot of people have a hard time buying stuff for their vanlifer friends because, well, most vanlifers don’t really need anything. They live in a small ass space and really can’t afford to store more things in their little houses. So, here’s a list of nice things you can do for the vanlifer you love.

  • Take their van for a maintenance check up at your local mechanic

  • Get their van professionally washed!

  • Take them to a hot spring or spa where they can really enjoy a nice shower/hot tub combo

  • Get them a massage (please, someone get me a massage)

  • Fill up their gas tank