We've been walking officially for one week!And now it's time to take a rest day. Michael thinks he pulled a hamstring And we're taking a relaxing day off in the city of Logroño. We're staying at the Municipal Albergue on the second story and it's probably one of the nicest places we've stayed so far. The water is hot, like REALLY hot, and made for an excellent shower. (First one in three days!) Since we've been walking, every morning I wake up with a sense of excitement and adventure, but usually by the 4th or 5th hour I am pinning for the Albergue ahead. My toes begin to feel like overripe grapes and if I step to hard they will burst! The pain I my legs has subsided a bit and has moved up from my calves to my upper thighs, it's interesting to see where my body begins to shift the responsibility of moving. Every day the landscape changes and with it the weather! We've been through pouring rain, freezing wind, fog so think you can't see more than 20 feet in front of you, and then light sunshine, warm breezes and everyday we get to watch a more beautiful sunrise than the day before.

I'm struggling with my need to be first, to be ahead of everyone and to get to Santiago before everyone else. The pilgrimage for me is becoming about letting go of my anxiety, I can't push myself or my friends to the point of injury, although I can always feel the voice in the back of my mind telling me to get up and keep moving. I'm glad I'm not traveling alone because without Michael and Renee I don't think I would take care of myself the way I need to. Regardless, everyday is a new adventure with endless possibility in every step, and I feel alive.