This title only has one thing to do with this post.And this is it.

Once a shoe falls into a drainage ditch, there is no retrieving it. I was on the top bunk in the sleeper train on my way home to Varanasi from Delhi, when I took my shoes off (respectfully) and hid them away somewhere behind my back pack which was now serving as the worlds most uncomfortable pillow.

SOMEHOW (and this remains a divine mystery to me) my shoe fell through the crack in between the bunk and the wall of the train, and slid through one of the tiny slots of the barred window. There it made its final resting place, the drainage ditch at New Delhi train station.

I took a few panicked breaths, tried to remember the Buddhist teachings I just got on impermanence, and then went out of the train to buy some bottled water and consider my options. And lo and behold! There was a peace core volunteer sitting at the entrance of the train and he had a left shoe! he was saving it for the occasion that he meet someone who needs a shoe!

Ah, the universe is taking care of me.

But now I've got some new crappy sandals that will hopefully hold together for the next 8 days!

I'm back in Varanasi and I was surprise to find how much I missed this place! I'm back in my old room, with my same land lord and I go to my trusty chai shop, the same old lassi place, and my favorite dinner place (that no longer has working wifi). Ah. I think I'm going to miss Varanasi quite a lot.

Hopefully I'll have access to the Internet in the next few days, recent power cuts from the heat are making wifi extremely difficult to find, but if not I will be on American soil next time I blog!

Looking forwards to clean drinking water and real beds!