I've been thinking a lot lately about envy. Envy is something present in my life that for the longest time I hated. We all know the feeling: Jealousy, cutting someone else down for their accomplishments, that twisting feeling in your gut and that sinking feeling in your heart. Envy doesn't feel good. Envy is easy in this day and age. We share status updates on Facebook about all of our accomplishments, post beautiful photos on Instagram, Tweet funny and amusing things to celebrities and it always seems like everyone you know is doing something cooler than you.

That 'Big Green Monster' can get a hold of the best of us and bring us down. It is nasty.

But what if I told you envy has been a really positive force in my life? Envy is what caused me to leave my public school early and raise money to go to an outdoor centered boarding school, envy is what drove me to raise $36,000 to afford a travel abroad program, envy is what pushed me to walk 500 miles through Spain,  and envy is what recently helped me to buy a ukulele and start surfing in the mornings.

Envy is a great way to see where your heart is truly committed.

Look at the times in your life you have been envious of another person, those are all probably things you really really want to do but feel like you cant right? Right.

What would happen if you were to buy that plane ticket to Hawaii and learn to surf? What about working on the weekends and saving up to do a Euro trip? Or even just signing up at your local community college for a Japanese language class?

Likely 1 of 2 things will happen.

1. You will no longer have that 'Big Green Monster' sitting on your shoulder making you feel terrible and trying to make others feel terrible for doing the thing.

2. You will have increased your quality of life and enjoyment of something you have always wanted to do!

It is really a win win.

The best part about this is that envy never really goes away. You will always be able to see someone do something amazing and realize, "Wow, I really want to do that too." When that feeling hits, you know it is time to start finding ways to make it happen.

Now a days, with the power of the internet and a positive attitude literally anything is possible. So write that book, do a pilgrimage, start building your photography portfolio, preform at a poetry slam, or even start your own travel blog ;)

Envy is your friend. Embrace that shitty feeling, let it wash over you, and then throw it away and go do something awesome that you've always wanted to do.

And remember, I believe in you!