This is the view I get very morning when I step out of the hostel were staying in. The mountains are breath taking here, they go on for ever and each valley and crest is a new beauty that I can't take my eyes off of. Finally in Peru! This place is a 360 change from Nicaragua and yet I keep finding similarities that surprise me on the day to day.

Cuzco is the largest tourist attraction in all of Central and South America. Other than being an absolutely beautiful city there is plenty of shopping to be done, however if you want to buy gifts for someone be ready to haggle. Things are almost 3 times more expensive here than anywhere else!

We've spent the last few days getting to know Pisac and Cuzco. Cooking traditional Peruvian dishes, taking Spanish classes and making natural dyes out of plants and- I didn't believe it at first- fermented urine! We all have to pee in buckets so the adorable 3'7" Peruvian abuelitas can boil the mashed plants in our pee to strengthen the colors.

Today late in the afternoon we leave for a small village up in the mountains . It's cold and it's another 3,000 feet higher in altitude. I'm drinking lots of water and preparing myself for the inevitable head ache and nausea that accompanies drastic changes in altitude.

So far Peru is a blast! And I never want to leave!