Well! It is the beginning of a new adventure!I wanted to get this post out a now while I'm delirious from lack of sleep and two glasses into a fancy bottle of wine because I believe it will accurately portray the true nature of traveling: spelling mistakes, run on sentences, comma abuse and the like will allow you a peek into my addled brain.

First of all: the flight was not the worst I've been on, it was broken up into 5 hourish increments. 5 flying, 5 layover, 5 flying - tada! 15ish ours total and since 5 am yesterday morning I have not slept AT ALL.

Many cups of coffee, some awesome all dressed chips and a surprisingly good inflight meal later we arrived in Paris!

I wish I had had enough brain power to take more pictures of us standing next to cool buildings and funny signs, but I didn't, more tomorrow I promise.

We did try snails for the first time, and the consensus is that they are like clams but better, land-clams.

I'm literally falling asleep as I type this so I will take that as a cue from my body. Goodnight! Finally! More on the Paris/camino adventure soon!