I dig airports.Like a lot.

Today's adventure isn't as grand as moving to India, exploring the jungles of South America or backpacking across Spain. No, today's adventure is a business trip to LA. Very ordinary and not in the least bit exotic. However.

I dig airports. Time does not exist in airports, it is always the same fluorescent lights with the smooth jazz playing in the background. There is always some new age art work or sculpture slowly spinning in the hallway. The duty free shops are always selling large bags of cheap candy and a soothing female voice will always remind you approximately every 5 minutes to not leave your bags unattended. Airports are constantly in a state of limbo.

It's surprisingly soothing to be surrounded by people who are all doing the exact same thing in a place that never changes. We have all stepped out of time, we are all trying to get back to the "real world" where things change and have a natural order. Airports are the great equalizer of our time. People of all ages, races, shapes, religious backgrounds, economic status and occupation walk by with their rolling suitcases, all looking up and forward like lost children, trying to find their place in this never changing limbo. We have all stepped out of time and are trying to find our way back.

I find it surprisingly relaxing to step out of time. All responsibilities are on hold. I am out of control of the situation and can only sit and wait to be taken to the other side of time. It feels like waiting for the ferryman to ferry me across the river, I can't quite see where I am going and I can't get there without his help, all I can do is wait. The burden of travel is lifted off my shoulders, not my problem, someone else take care of me.

I know that to some people airports are particularly stressful, the un changing terminals can feel creepy and the lights can be blinding, the artwork can be out of taste and the constant stream of people can feel isolating.

By all rights I completely agree, but at the same time there is something exciting about airports. It's the toss of the dice before they land, the second your feet leave the diving board, the peak of the deep breath before you exhale. Everything is held in perfect suspension, waiting to be released. It's the action before the action.

No one can say it better than Frankenfurter, it is the antici........


Ah! I dig airports.