Vanlife... Where to start???

Do you have more questions than you know what to do with? What fridge should you get? What type of van is right for you? How do you budget for living in a van? Where the heck do you park? Or shower? What do you do about a mailing address? 

All of these are things I've already dealt with and figured out. I get questions like these all. The. Time. And I can't respond to all of them, although I would like to! If you really want to get some face to face time with me and grill me on all the nitty gritty questions about living in a van, managing your own business on the road, or just need someone to talk you into making this insane life choice, I'm here for you. 

Find a time below that works for you and we can set up a skype/facetime/google hangout that works well for both of us. 

I look forward to geeking out about this with you! 

If you are interested in talking about technical solar/electrical set up things I am not the person to talk to. You want Ben Valentine, he helped me set up the solar panel, batteries, inverter and he does this for a living! Reach out to him at